CASE STUDY 6: STS Aviation Group

The Challenge:

STS Aviation Group was a holding company that consisted of four different aviation service providers, each operating under their own banner and identified as a single service aviation support company. Although the services provided by the four divisions were growing, the potential for expansion through cross selling was lost because there was no identifying link between companies. The challenge was to establish a corporate brand that could tie the aeronautical engineering, staffing, servicing and component supply units together under the umbrella of a multi-service aviation company.

The Solution:

FCEdge addressed the problem with a complete rebranding program that began by changing the name of each of the four companies to STS followed by the descriptive title of the service and identifying the holding company as STS Aviation Group. The individual divisions were called: STS Engineering Solutions; STS Component Solutions; STS AeroStaff Services; and STS Line Maintenance. The STS logo was redesigned with contemporary imaging and the slogan 'Solutions To Keep You Flying' was incorporated into the logo. The four independent websites were unified under the STS Aviation Group name and individual links were provided for each service division. A corporate brochure designed for five-year use was created with an overview of the current aerospace services and pocketed insert sheets to provide flexibility for the inclusion of future growth service groups.


An effective cross sell message highlighting the range of services available through divisional interface was included in the descriptive overview for each service group. The introduction of the revamped STS Aviation Group took place at the MRO Show in April 2009. The launch was supported with pre-show press releases, show handouts and e-banners inviting attendees to visit the new STS Aviation Group booth. Visitors to the booth were given the corporate brochure as part of their information package.

FCEdge structured the model for this program, and executed the complete rebranding including design of the graphics used for the website, booth design, corporate brochure and support collateral; organization and copywriting for all of these elements. The FCEdge Team also handled print production.

The Result:

Cross sell of services has increased referral usage of the highly skilled STS Engineering Solutions group and produced greater awareness of the availability for sometimes hard to locate parts through STS Component Solutions. STS Engineering Solutions also has the opportunity to draw temporary and/or permanent engineering assistance from the talent pool recruited for STS AeroStaff Services. Working under the umbrella of a parent company, all STS Service Groups now have a considerably larger customer base and the parent has the flexibility to add additional service divisions and effectively integrate them into an existing customer base.

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