CASE STUDY 7: GelTech Solutions

The Challenge:

GelTech Solutions is a research and development company that manufacturers, markets and sells environmentally friendly polymer-based products. At present their product line includes RootGel, FireIce™, and SkinArmor. RootGel is a moisture preservation solution with applications in the agricultural industry. FireIce is a patented non-toxic water additive that suppresses fire. SkinArmor is a solution firefighters apply to exposed areas of skin to prevent severe burns. The Company also has other products scheduled for future release; these include WeatherTech, a polymer-based product designed to eliminate the disastrous effects of a hurricane. As a young company introducing revolutionary solutions to age old problems, the challenge they faced was twofold - first to convince potential users as to the credibility of their solutions, second to gather their diverse product lines under a unified corporate image.

The Solution:

FCEdge took the primary thrust of the company which was to reduce the amount of water required for numerous functions and created an umbrella approach that applied to not only the current products, but those still on the drawing board. We took the separate websites needed for each product line and while maintaining the individually of each product, unified them under a major portal, positioning GelTech Solutions as the scientific research company


that creates environmentally friendly solutions to nature's challenges. Once a corporate identity was established for GelTech Solutions, we developed individual marketing support programs for each product. Publicity became a major factor in building awareness, supported by trade show promotion, product brochures and broader support for the dealer network. Demonstration tests of FireIce were conducted and quickly became worthy of news coverage as did the hurricane suppression demonstration of WeatherTech. Armed with a solid arsenal of facts and visual presentation tools Root Gel was able to convince The Florida Department of Transportation Roadway Sod Manager to undertake a controlled test of sod durability, using RootGel in one plot, without it in another.

The Result:

With an ongoing stream of innovative products being developed in the GelTech Laboratories, the company is now in a position to integrate them seamlessly and effectively under the corporate banner of 'Environmentally-friendly Solutions.' FCEdge can easily and without interruption to the parent website add in new links, update news coverage and promote ongoing test results. The bottom line is that GelTech Solutions was able to go public, is now listed on the NYSE, is a company that gets coverage in newscasts, a company recognized for innovative technology, and a company poised for explosive expansion in the coming decade.

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