CASE STUDY 2: G4S Secure Solutions USA

The Challenge:

G4S, a $2 billion dollar security firm with over 400,000 employees globally and known throughout the world, was perceived as a manned security service company. However, as the security needs of the marketplace changed, so did G4S. They invested heavily in the development of remote monitoring devices and digital video management and they established the expertise to provide security consulting and system design. The challenge now was to change their marketplace image from that of a manned security firm to that of a technology driven security solutions firm.

The Solution:

FCEdge utilized the ASIS (American Society of Industry Security) Show to present a completely rebranded image of this established security firm. We used high-tech booth graphics, video, a series of full page program ads, banner ads and all new collateral... all of which screamed G4S is a state-of-the-art technologically advanced security firm that goes beyond anything believed possible!

A contiguous group of five full-page ads ran in the show program, the first four ads targeted specific markets - Government Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Chemical/Petrochemical - each of those ads featured a single guard, backed up by the technological devices that enable a single person to cover multiple areas. The fifth ad pictured all four guards grouped with the message


that G4S is a state-of-the-art full service company. This format was also used to introduce SECURE TRAX™, the 2009 Security Product of the Year, a powerful remote monitoring device that reports incidents in real time and allows security guards to conduct functions from the palm of their hand.

The ASIS introduction and a blitz of trade ads are but a part of the rebranding program that includes ongoing publicity through internet exposure and social networking media. FCEdge is also developing an interactive media distribution hub designed to establish a corporate look and message that will ultimately allow all 140 of the G4S North American offices to access and use the same marketing materials.

All of the elements outlined for this G4S rebranding program were conceived, written, designed and executed by the FCEdge Team.

The Result:

The ASIS show response was the most successful G4S has ever experienced. It generated an overwhelming number of service queries from new customers and convinced existing customers that it was time to revisit their security strategy. In short, that 4-day event has changed the industry's perception of G4S from one of a personnel driven security service to that of a technologically advanced industry leader and has opened many new doors.

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