CASE STUDY 1: Biomet Spine • Trauma

The Challenge:

New Jersey based Biomet Spine • Trauma is a medical device manufacturing company previously known as EBI. After years of providing the medical community with a standardized product line, both their business and image stagnated. Realizing the situation, the company undertook a revitalization program. The EBI name was changed to Biomet to reflect the company's growing commitment to bionics, and their engineers began designing a revolutionary product line using innovative materials and technology. They challenged FCEdge with the task of creating a higher level of industry awareness and a corporate image that positioned a new Biomet.

The Solution:

FCEdge suggested Biomet use the NASS (North American Spine Society) Show as a launch pad, and their rebranding began with booth graphics that took the sensitivity of one-on-one medical care and combined it with multi-angled photos of the newest implant devices and materials glistening in stark black and white renditions. Driving attendees to the Biomet booth were program ads, banner ads, a new website and pre-show multi-media promotions.

It didn't stop there. Every collateral element of what was once EBI was reconfigured, redesigned and made more purposeful.


New product launches came in a kit - complete with a user's guide and instructional DVD. Every sales sheet, brochure, reference guide and physician's manual was given the new Biomet look - clean, crisp, easy to read, and easy to use. An industry awareness program began to focus on medical publications, electronic media and social networking. This program is ongoing and we don't see it as simply a process of redesigning, it's a process of re-educating the users and rebranding the company. FCEdge designed and produced the elements for this campaign, including the strategy used for promotion, all graphics, trade show displays, brochures, reference guides, instructional DVD and the copy written for promotional use, but excluding the copy describing procedures for medical device use and implant.

The Result:

Nothing indicates success as definitively as the bottom line - and, in the past year Biomet's sales have increased by 18%. That's success you can measure. The medical industry is also starting to take notice of Biomet's innovative technology and product offerings. Recognizing the growth potential, the company has committed significant resources to the continuation of this rebranding effort and building a surgical education program. As Biomet's business grows, so does our media coverage - a recent issue of Orthopedic Pediatric News featured a four-page interview with the President of Biomet Spine • Trauma.

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