CASE STUDY 4: Big Five Tours and Expeditions

The Challenge:

Big Five Tours & Expeditions, a small tour operator approached FCEdge over 15 years ago. They were a fledgling company providing customized luxury tours of Africa, tours that appealed to the most affluent and discriminating vacationers. But, they were an obscure firm starting at ground zero, with virtually no market recognition, no brand image and collateral that did little to support their story.

The Solution:

The first project taken on by FCEdge began as a simple 24-page brochure describing their African tours. We saw the potential this company offered with exotic tours that were decidedly upscale, so we took their run-of-the-mill tour descriptions, worked with existing photos and produced a full color brochure that turned the tour description into an exciting adventure.


That brochure generated enough interest that the offering of tours began to expand, with the expansion came a succession of brochures, each one a reader's travelogue, bigger, more colorful and more exciting than the previous version. Print ads appeared in travel magazines and Big Five added destination after destination.

The Result:

Today Big Five provides customized luxury tours to numerous worldwide destinations-Asia, the Middle East, South Pacific, Orient, Central America, South America and of course, Africa. The number of agents they employ has doubled, and the number of tours doubled again and again. Their tour brochures have become 96 page magazines filled with exciting images of exotic locations. And, after 15 years of successful marketing, FCEdge just finished producing Big Five's first hardcover-148 pages of exciting photographs and tantalizing descriptions of all their tour destinations. It's probably safe to say FCEdge gave Big Five the ticket to success.

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