The Challenge:

ATGI, better known as Advanced Technologies Group, Inc. is a Stuart based company whose founders can easily be described as rocket scientists. ATGI provides specialized services to clients that are developing emerging technologies, pushing the frontiers of innovations to develop advanced solutions to challenging problems in the markets of Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security, Transportation, Marine and Ocean Systems and Medicine and Healthcare. The problem for a group this brilliant is explaining to the potential service user, that they have the research and engineering capacity to forge a pathway through this undiscovered universe of solutions when the problems are still being defined.

The Solution:

FCEdge started by designing ATGI's logo, but from the onset we realized that an effective marketing program for a company with such technological abilities had to be done electronically and in


a manner which allowed for breadth of subject field and depth of solution detail. Our first challenge was to provide the company with a visible impact at their biggest trade show, the 38th Annual Turbomachinery Symposium. Working on all of the necessary elements at once, FCEdge created the booth graphics, an interactive DVD to be shown at the booth, e-mail campaign to drive traffic to the booth, a highly interactive website with the flexibility to accommodate future growth, and a brochure (both traditional print and interactive/soft brochure) plus take-away kit with high tech photography showing the scope and sophistication of their operation. Their introduction wasn't whispered about, it was acclaimed in a shout that reverberated throughout the industry.

The Result:

In a word-contracts. Since their appearance at the Turbomachinery Symposium, Advanced Technologies Group has been offered numerous research and development contracts.

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