CASE STUDY 3: Biomet 3i - NanoTite Implant

The Challenge:

Although Biomet 3i was a recognized supplier of dental implants and complementary components, the NanoTite implant represented a bone-adhering innovation that was heretofore unknown to the industry. The challenge was to convince the dental community this new implant offered the opportunity to achieve faster and more reliable osseointegration, the cornerstone of a successful implant procedure.

The Solution:

FCEdge started with creating a product name to reflect the use of nanotechnology paired with the industry awareness of Biomet 3i's best-selling Osseotite® Implant. When magnified electronically the surface material of the NanoTite Implant resembled the cratered surface of the moon, so we leveraged the famous "One small step for man..." boot on the moon photo to create a powerful image that would illustrate the bonding element of this revolutionary implant. The global launch included an electronic learning module


for the sales force (an e-cademy), two-page full-color spreads in trade journals, and a direct mail piece that preceded the formal introduction of the product at the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Annual Convention. The booth graphics repeated the moon shot photo and visualized the features and benefits of the NanoTite Implant. At the show a live webcast went out from the Company President, followed by an electronic PR blitz using flashmercials. Visitors to the booth were given an impressive brochure depicting the moon surface and a chance to win one of the numerous Nano iPods given away. All of the components for this launch were designed, executed and produced by FCEdge.

The Result:

Biomet 3i sold a million dollars worth of inventory in that week alone. Once the industry was made aware of the NanoTite Implant capabilities it quickly became one of the company's best selling products and has created numerous new dental affiliations. That's one giant step for nanotechnology and effective marketing!

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